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Bounce-a-thon at Woodlands Community College.

Bounce-a-thon at Woodlands Community College.

A bounce-a-thon at Woodlands Community College in Southampton has raised nearly £600 for the CMA.

Alex Withey and her mum Vivian organised the marathon trampolining session last month and a host of family and friends took part.

The CMA’s head of fundraising Nick Posford said: “Alex and Vivian really came up with a novel way to raise funds, and no doubt their friends and family enjoyed the occasion. It’s no easy feat to keep bouncing for several hours. We are hugely grateful for the funds they have raised and also the awareness that such an event can create about heart muscle disease.”

Anyone who would like to hold a fundraising event, please contact Nick on or 01494 797196

by CMA Manager on 19-Aug-13 11:34

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