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How does flu affect children with cardiomyopathy?

How does flu affect children with cardiomyopathy?

Has your child been ill with flu in the past few years?

Researchers at the University of Oxford are interviewing parents and carers of children (aged six months to 12 years) with heart problems and other long-term conditions. They want to find out about parents’ experiences and treatment needs when their child has been ill with flu.

The work is funded by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR), a UK government body that coordinates and funds research for the National Health Service (England).

The major outcome of the project will be a new section on to support and provide information for other parents. The site gives a voice to parents and offers them the opportunity to hear from others in a similar situation.

The researchers want to speak to parents and carers across England.

The team are able to cover all travel and childcare costs incurred by those taking part in an interview. The interview will take place at a time and location (at your home or in a meeting room) suitable to you.

If you would like to share your experience or to find out more, email researcher Ulla Raisanen

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