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Matthew to run 150 miles across Sahara Desert

Matthew  to run 150 miles across Sahara Desert

Matthew Woodrow is to spend a week running across the Sahara Desert to help the fight against cardiomyopathy.

He is taking part in the Marathon Des Sables, a 150-mile run in memory of a family friend who died from the heart muscle disease aged 20 in 2001. 

Matthew is flying out to Ouazarzate in Morocco today (Thursday, April 4th) and will start the run, also known as the Marathon of the Sands, on Sunday.

He said: “The terrain varies from deep sand dunes to stony, flat baked desert and temperatures fluctuate from below freezing at night to above 40 degrees during the day.  We have to carry everything we need to survive except water. So the run is often cited as the toughest footrace on Earth.”

And if this wasn’t enough, Matthew is taking part in the London Marathon for the charity on Sunday, April 21st, just six days after he gets back to England.

Matthew started long distance running in 2002 when he first completed the London Marathon. In the last six months has been taking on ultra-marathons, including weekend running events of over 65 miles.

He said: “I enjoy taking part in these events as it is in complete contrast to my everyday deskbound job.  I want to test myself and ice cold beer tastes best when you’ve really earned it.”

In the Sahara, Matthew will face six runs, varying from 17 to 50 miles.  He said: “It’s a fantastic adventure and I feel privileged to be able to do it.  My wife Siobhan thinks I’m barking mad but I’m really looking forward to it.

“I’m hoping to finish in the top third of the 1,000 field but it’s always difficult to know how it is going to go and what to expect.  How your feet react can be a major factor.“

Matthew is paying all of the costs for the trip himself so all sponsorship will go to the charity.   He has already raised over £6,000.

To support Matthew, go here

If you are interested in competing in a challenge for the CMA, contact Nick Posford

by CMA Manager on 04-Apr-13 15:50

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