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CMA members speak up for heart failure patients

CMA members speak up for heart failure patients

Ten CMA members have been speaking up for patients at a Parliamentary reception on heart failure.

The group were among others who told MPs and senior members of the Department of Health about the difficult issues facing people with heart failure.

The meeting, held at the Palace of Westminster on Tuesday, was hosted by heart failure charity the Pumping Marvellous Foundation and the CMA, along with the Arrhythmia Alliance and the Association of British Health Industries..

CMA volunteer Jenny Rees, a 20-year-old student who was diagnosed with dilated cardiomyopathy when she was six weeks old, was among the main speakers.

Jenny, who had a pacemaker at 16 and an internal defibrillator two years later, spoke about the many needs of heart failure patients, the difficulties some have getting access to help, and the particular battles she has faced as a young person living with heart disease.

She said: “When you get a diagnosis of heart failure as a young person, it poses an entirely different set of difficulties and anxieties to those experienced by people who are much older. I have struggled physically and emotionally not being able to do the things I enjoy (such as running and theme park rides) and my medication makes me very tired.  This proved to be a huge hurdle when studying and taking exams. I worry about whether I will get a job I want, and living independently away from home at university has been more demanding.” But she said: “Thanks to some excellent care and great support from my family, friends and the Cardiomyopathy Association, I have managed to live a pretty full life but not everyone with my condition gets these opportunities.”

All the CMA representatives invited their MPs, several of whom attended to hear what their constituents had to say. These included Jenny’s MP Andrew Miller.

by CMA Manager on 20-Jun-13 14:35

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