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Poster campaign to raise awareness of cardiomyopathy

Poster campaign to raise awareness of cardiomyopathy

The CMA is to use some major advertising sites to raise awareness of cardiomyopathy in memory of Alex Kaiser, who died suddenly from the disease.

Alex’s fiancée Sarah Hoare (pictured right) and his family are working with CBS Outdoor and the CMA to highlight the devastating impact that cardiomyopathy can have. Alex died suddenly and unexpectedly in 2012 two months before his wedding.

Hard hitting posters, featuring Alex’s picture, some details about him and the CMA, and the details of a charity event taking place in his memory, will be appearing at 27 sites at major railway stations, including Glasgow, Newcastle, Manchester and Swansea, from next week.  

At the same time the CMA is launching its first major text donation campaign – the poster will ask the public to donate money by text to prevent lives being cut short by heart muscle disease. 100% of donations will come to the CMA to help support families and educate the medical profession.

CMA head of fundraising Nick Posford said “Sarah is an inspirational supporter whose Kaiser Challenge was our most successful fundraiser last year. A similar challenge this year, again in memory of Alex, looks set to repeat that. Sarah and Alex’s family have given their blessing for a hard-hitting campaign to raise awareness of Alex’s condition and prevent other families from going through the same experience.”

You can support the campaign and Sarah’s Kaiser Challenge 2013 by texting ALEX to 70500 to give £5 to help prevent lives being cut short by heart muscle disease.

You will be charged £5 plus one message at your standard network rate.  The Cardiomyopathy Association will receive a minimum of £5.  We will be in touch to tell you more about cardiomyopathy and our work.  If you’d rather we didn’t, please text  ALEX NO INFO when making your donation.

by CMA Manager on 24-Jun-13 13:19

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