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Find out more about heart genetics

Find out more about heart genetics

Find out more about heart genetics and the future from researchers at the Royal Brompton Hospital.

The National Institute for Health Research at the Brompton’s cardiovascular biomedical research unit is hosting a debate in the hospital’s coffee shop in Sydney Street, London.

The caf√© scientifique, on Wednesday, May 8th, from  6.30pm to 8pm, is an opportunity for patients, the public and researchers to discuss heart research, including that into cardiomyopathy and heart failure.

The speakers are molecular cardiology professor Stuart Cook and medical genetics consultant Tessa Homfray. Refreshments will be provided

A spokeswoman said: ‚ÄúPlease join us for a coffee and a chat about our current research on how genes may play a role in our heart health.  As more is understood about the relationship between genes and heart disease, people will be able to find out about their chances of developing certain inherited heart conditions.

“It is also hoped that genetics will lead to more personalised care as we better understand the subtle differences between individuals with the same disease. For example, using genetics to predict which treatment will be best for each individual patient. How medical genetics may affect the everyday lives of people also raises some interesting questions, personally, socially and ethically.

To reserve a place or find out more please contact Julia Coffey on 020 7352 8121 ext 2746 or email

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