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CMA supporter treads the boards and raises funds

CMA supporter treads the boards and raises funds

Amateur theatre favourite Richard Carlin has been treading the boards and raising money for the Cardiomyopathy Association.

Richard, who has dilated cardiomyopathy, took the lead in Kiss me Kate at Dronfield Civic Theatre, Derbyshire.

Bucket collections at three performances raised £200 for the CMA.

Richard, from Sheffield, played the lead in Woodseats Musical Theatre Company‚Äôs production of Cole Porter‚Äôs musical. 

A review by the Derbyshire Times‚Äô critic wrote ‚ÄúRichard Carlin was born to play the role of theatre director Fred. His outstanding singing, particularly in Where Is the Life That Late I Led?, defies any woman not to fall in love with that voice.‚ÄĚ 

The CMA‚Äôs head of fundraising Nick Posford said ‚ÄúRichard, Mary Newey (the company‚Äôs chairman) and all the cast and crew of Kiss Me Kate deserve an extra round of applause for putting on a great show and helping to support families affected by cardiomyopathy.‚ÄĚ

Richard is pictured (above) with Mary and cast member Danni Smith.

by CMA Manager on 08-Aug-13 13:02

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