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Matthew's Sahara Run raises £8,000

Matthew's Sahara Run raises £8,000

Matthew Woodrow (pictured left) has raised over £8,000 for the CMA with a 150-mile run across the Sahara Desert.

Matthew, who acclimatised for the Marathon of the Sands with multiple hour-long sessions in the sauna, ran across sand, rocks and salt plains in the eight day ordeal.   At night he endured freezing temperatures in a bivouac and during the day he ran in temperatures reaching 50degs F.

He also had to carry all his food, bedding, clothing and provisions for the week, which weighed just under 10kgs.  Some running was at night using a head torch.

After reaching the finish line with tent mate Gordon (also pictured),  Matthew said: “We both collapsed into the waiting arms of the race founder who greets each and every finisher with a medal and a hug.  This is quite brave considering none of us had showered for a week!”

Around 1,000 competitors took part and Matthew finished 71st overall.  He said: “I was delighted with this but more important were the friendships formed with a broad range of people from different backgrounds borne out of an extraordinary shared experience.  Life affirming is a hackneyed phrase but entirely appropriate here.”

Having had a couple of days of relaxation at the hotel,  he flew back to take part in the London Marathon six days later. 

He said: “Having met a fellow Sahara competitor at the airport who was also taking part, we decided to complete the race in full kit.  Although my legs were sore, I was delighted to cross the line in a little under four hours and have now formally retired from running......well, until the next time.”

Matthew lost a young family friend to cardiomyopathy.

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