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Special cardiomyopathy meeting in Darlington

Special cardiomyopathy meeting in Darlington

A special meeting for families affected by cardiomyopathy is being held on Saturday, May 18th in Darlington.

The CMA's chief executive and medical director will be talking about cardiomyopathy, latest treatments and the CMA's services to families affected by the heart muscle disease.

The event is a special stand-alone meeting of the Darlington Cardiomyopathy Support Group and is being held from 11am to 2pm in the meeting room next to Hollies Restaurant, Lower Ground Floor, Darlington Memorial Hospital, Hollyhurst Road, Darlington.

The group usually meets at lunchtime on the second Wednesday of every month at the hospital as part of a general heart support group.

CMA member Susan Madden (pictured above with a poster) has recently taken over the running of the cardiomyopathy section and decided to hold a special Saturday meeting, dedicated to cardiomyopathy, to allow more working people to attend.

To find out more or to let her know about your attendance, email Susan, or David Greenwood at the CMA

by CMA Manager on 18-Apr-13 10:13

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