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Tiredness and cardiomyopathy

Cardiomyopathy nurse specialist Simon Waller advises on dealing with tiredness and fatigue

Tiredness is something that everyone experiences in their lives, and is often the result of every day factors such as stress or having a hectic lifestyle. However, chronic tiredness is recognised as something that can impact on our ability to complete every day tasks and can affect quality of life. Tiredness and fatigue can have an underlying cause and individuals with cardiomyopathy may experience both. The extent to which people feel tired will vary from one person to another, and there may be many physical and emotional reasons why people experience it. Some of these reasons are listed below:

Physical reasons

Emotional causes

Factors such as these can be managed and result in a lessening of tiredness.

Lifestyle changes

One of the ways some patients can take back some control and help ease their tiredness is to make some lifestyle changes. 

There are positive steps you can take that may help you fight feelings of tiredness and improve your quality of life. They include:

This information will help your cardiologist or GP to diagnose the underlying cause of your tiredness.

Exercise programmes

People with cardiomyopathy may experience fatigue or tiredness following exercise. If so an exercise test may be recommended to investigate and measure your exercise capacity. This may help to determine a suitable course of action to help improve how you are feeling.

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