Summer fundraising suggestions

The best fundraising is something that you enjoy; making it easy to organise and set-up, and fun to do!

Now that the sunshine seems to have finally arrived we've put together a list of suggestions for some seasonal summer fundraising, to help you get started. Whatever you decide to do, please do contact us and we'll give you all the help and support we can, and send you the materials you need.

Outdoor adventures

  • Have a Picnic Party - get together with friends and have a picnic, anything from simple sarnies to sophisticated snacks. Either ask for donations from friends or get everyone to bring cakes and savories and sell them.
  • Treasure hunt - ask for donations to take part and get prizes donated from local businesses
  • Racing games - from snails to remote control cars
  • Step it up - walk everywhere and donate would you would have paid for petrol or parking fees
  • Organise a summer BBQ - invite family, friends and contacts and either ask for donations or sell tickets
  • Be a drama queen - organise an open air play and donate the proceeds
  • Have a street party - really get to know your neighbours and have a party together, with donations to Cardiomyopathy UK
  • Flower power - sell plants or seedlings and donate the profits
  • Sports day challenge - organise a day at your school, and ask for donations
  • Clean out that clutter - and have a car boot sale or ebay purge and donate the proceeds

Home comforts

  • Bake up a storm - classic but ever popular, bake some of your favourite treats and sell them to family and friends, or even at work. Why not try some seasonal recipes?
  • Organise a pamper evening - get your friends round, treat yourselves and make a donation to Cardiomyopathy UK
  • Games evening - go retro with Kerplunk and Boggle. Have a tournament with donations to enter
  • Move night - choose a theme (beach movies, summer classics), sort the snacks and ask your friends and family for donations to attend
  • More tea vicar? If you love a good cuppa have a tea break in style, with a selection of teas, and ask for donations per cup. 
  • Wine tasting evening - ask for donations to attend

Once you've dediced, fill out our fundraiser form and we'll give you all the help we can. Don't forget to have a look at our resources section for all the items you can download straightaway!