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Support groups

Support groups offer families the chance to find out much more about cardiomyopathy and its treatments, and the opportunity to meet others with it so they can share problems and experiences.

Meetings are always positive and usually fun, with speakers including representatives of the CMA, cardiologists, arrhythmia nurses, cardiac dieticians and pacemaker technicians.

Some meetings are held in hospitals or local halls, while some groups have some meetings at their local pub. Groups also enjoy social activities such as Christmas lunches (the picture shows our West Midlands Cardiomyopathy Support Group at their Christmas dinner) and sponsored walks.

Some groups meet every month, while others meet three or four times a year.

More and more members of the CMA are starting support groups around the UK.  We have support groups all around England, plus four in Scotland, one in Wales and one in Northern Ireland.

If you would like more information about a CMA support group near you, please email us.

If you are thinking of setting up a group, do get in touch with Sarah Dennis, by calling 01494 791224 or email,  as she can advise you on the best way forward and tell you how the CMA can support you.  or call her on freephone  0800 0181 024 .

The Cardiomyopathy Association's Registered Charity Number is 803262.
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