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Golf club supports CMA as charity of the year

Golf club supports CMA as charity of the year

A golf club in Kent has raised £2,900 for the CMA.

Faversham Golf Club men's captain Terry Aldridge put the charity forward as a beneficiary for the club’s 2012 charity events after a family member developed a heart problem.

The club held a charity day in July in which 73 golfers took part and also had a charity bunker.  Members who found themselves in it during 2012 had to pay a charity fine of £1.  A quiz night and a Neil Diamond tribute night was also held.

Terry presented a cheque to CMA chief executive Robert Hall at the club on Friday.  Robert said: "We are so grateful for the club's support and for Terry putting us forward."

Do you know a club or organisation that might adopt us as its charity of the year?  If so, do contact Nick Posford in fundraising.

by CMA Manager on 15-Jan-13 13:28

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