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Spring issue of CMA News now out

Spring issue of CMA News now out

The latest issue of CMA News has articles on advances in gene testing for cardiomyopathy and how new gene therapy trials are starting for heart failure.

A scientist from Oxford University has written about how researchers are turning skin cells from patients with inherited heart disease into heart cells and watching how disease develops.

The team has won a Wellcome Trust award of £1m to look at how gene mutations lead to particular patterns of heart disease.

The 28-page magazine has other articles on how little patients know about their heart devices before they are fitted, how pregnancy is usually safe for women with heart disease if they have high-quality care, heart screening for children and the benefits of cardiac rehabilitation.

There are also articles on ill-health pensions and patient stories.

The quarterly, full colour magazine is for CMA members.  To get your copy each quarter, become a CMA member today.

by CMA Manager on 21-Jan-13 15:06

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