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Jo takes on Kilimanjaro

Jo takes on Kilimanjaro

Supporter Jo Wright is setting off for Africa this week to climb its highest mountain, Kilimanjaro, expecting to raise over £5,000 for the CMA.

Jo, pictured with her children, is taking on the climb with five friends to celebrate one of the group’s birthdays.  The dormant volcano in Tanzania is 19,341 above sea level, and the world’s highest free-standing mountain.

Jo will start the eight day climb in temperatures reaching 40C but the summit will be cold and she will have to contend with altitude sickness.

She said: “The Cardiomyopathy Association provides the most fantastic care and support to families dealing with the condition. It relies on donations and with your help, I would love to help them.  I have paid for this trip personally including for all the unbelievable amount of kit we need! This means that every penny, euro or dollar I raise, will go to CMA.”

To support Jo, go here

For more details about CMA challenges, email Robert Hall.

by CMA Manager on 22-Jan-13 11:41

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