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Children's book on cardiomyopathy out

Children's reading book on the heart and cardiomyopathy now available from the CMA
Children's book on cardiomyopathy out

A reading book for children about the heart and cardiomyopathy has just been launched by the CMA.

The eight-page colourful booklet is designed for affected children aged around eight, their siblings, friends and classmates.

It includes cartoons, easy to understand descriptions of the heart and how it works, what can sometimes go wrong and how doctors diagnose and treat cardiomyopathy.

The text has been developed with medical experts, including a child psychologist and children's cardiac nurses at Bristol Royal Hospital for Children and Great Ormond Street Hospital in London.

The books are being supplied free to hospitals and are also available to families direct from the CMA.

Hearty, a children's guide to cardiomyopathy, has been funded by the CMA's 2011 Christmas appeal.  Support also came from professional cartoonist Bob Gibbs, who donated the drawings, and his designer daughter Jo, who donated the artwork.

Printers Butler, Tanner and Dennis from Frome in Somerset provided 10,000 free copies.

To order copies, call the charity on 01494 791224 or email Anne Foster

by CMA Manager on 29-Jan-13 09:27

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