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Have your say on patient care

Have your say on patient care

Patients and the CMA are being invited to comment on NHS proposals for measuring and comparing patient care.

The plan is to use a series of "indicators" to assess quality of care and plan improvements.

Thirty two new indicators, which cover issues such as reducing premature mortality for chronic heart failure, helping people to recover from chronic heart failure and improving end of life care, are out for consultation.

The indicators, which also cover other conditions, are designed to help the health serviceís new clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) look at how well patients do and plan for better care for them.

NICE (the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence), which is managing the process, wants to see the indicators developed in an open, transparent and timely way with views from patients and patient organisations.

So it has begun a consultation that will run until 5pm on Friday, March 1st.

For more details about the consultation go to

For details about the 32 indicators, click on NICE COF indicator consultation document and to give your views click on Comments proforma

If you have comments you would like to pass on to the CMA for consideration for its submission, email Robert Hall.

by CMA Manager on 08-Feb-13 14:37

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