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Drones could help save lives after a cardiac arrest, say researchers

10th March 2017

They could get automatic defibrillators to the scene before paramedics.

George Michael

7th March 2017

George Michael's post-mortem highlights the need to know more about dilated cardiomyopathy.

Scientists successfully freeze and rewarm heart tissue

2nd March 2017

Work could eventually lead to banks of hearts for transplant.

Trials begin for experimental drug for dilated cardiomyopathy

16th February 2017

Drug being taken by group of healthy volunteers.

New heart pumps may allow tailored treatment

13th February 2017

In future doctors may be able to chose pump to fit the patient.

New cardiomyopathy support group starts in Cumbria

9th February 2017

First meeting in Penrith in March.

Flu and pneumonia jabs important for people with heart failure

6th February 2017

There is evidence they can improve health and quality of life, says review.

New cardiomyopathy support group for Milton Keynes

2nd February 2017

First meeting on Wednesday, 15 February.

NICE seeking your views on getting patients and wider public more involved

2nd February 2017

in drawing up its medical guidance and standards.

Researchers need more people with dilated cardiomyopathy whose heart function has recovered

26th January 2017

for study examining whether some people may be cured.