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Big Lottery Fund will help us set up more support groups

19th December 2016

Award to help us double the number of our support groups.

New design heart pump reduces complications

15th December 2016

Risk of blood clot on the pump reduced, say researchers.

Too many women dying from heart diseases in pregnancy

15th December 2016

says new audit of maternal deaths in the UK.

Biventricular pacemakers can help with mitral valve leakage

12th December 2016

Including those with dilated cardiomyopathy.

Virtual adviser session

9th December 2016

Instant chat service answering your non clinical questions.

S-ICDs can be as effective as traditional internal defibrillators, says new study

8th December 2016

ICDs can detect a life-threatening heart rhythm and give a shock to restore normal heart rhythm

Researchers find gene that may be responsible for left ventricular noncompaction

2nd December 2016

Research likely to improve understanding of the disease.

Survey shows people welcome genome editing

28th November 2016

to treat or cure medical conditions.

Stem cell trial to treat chemotherapy-induced cardiomyopathy

18th November 2016

Hope that stem cells will stimulate regeneration or repair of the heart's damaged tissues.