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Fewer but better heart drugs on the way?

15th September 2016

Drugs being researched said to be more inventive

Two stem cell treatments for heart failure show glimpses of benefit

7th September 2016

European Society of Cardiology told this week.

Angina drug to help some people with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy?

2nd September 2016

New trials with perhexiline to begin in America.

Improved gene test analysis for cardiomyopathy

29th August 2016

could lead to better diagnosis

Lack of diversity in genetic studies may lead to misdiagnosis

18th August 2016

say researchers looking at hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.

More families with cardiomyopathy can now benefit from special IVF treatment

16th August 2016

to help ensure their babies are not affected.

Experimental new drug for dilated cardiomyopathy

11th August 2016

may begin trials next year.

Special evening looks at preimplantation genetic diagnosis

9th August 2016

Procedure can help families avoid passing on genetic conditions to their children.

Study looks at how long internal defibrillators last

4th August 2016

But devices today are expected to last longer, said the researchers.

Commonly used drugs may worsen heart failure, says American Heart Association

1st August 2016

Beware medicines such as ibruprofen and St John's Wort, says AHA.