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Developing countries to get cut price heart drugs

1st October 2015

Drugs for chronic heart disease to be included in Novartis's charity programme.

European registry of cardiomyopathy patients publishes first data

30th September 2015

Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy commonest, and more men affected.

Health apps leak personal data, warns new study

28th September 2015

NHS needs to put more investment into apps, say researchers.

Researchers win big grant to study genetics of dilated cardiomyopathy

25th September 2015

Study could help prevent the disease developing in family members.

Diagnosis of takotsubo cardiomyopathy soars

24th September 2015

Disease in women may be linked to menopausal loss of oestrogen, say researchers.

Study looks at ICD complications in younger people

23rd September 2015

Patients and doctors should be aware of risks, say researchers.

Suppressing gene may prolong life for people heart failure

22nd September 2015

Researchers find the technique helps in animal trials COUP-TFI

Young people who die from suspected heart problem should have their DNA analysed

21st September 2015

recommends the European Society of Cardiology.

Some babies who suffer cot death have cardiomyopathy gene mutations

18th September 2015

Danish study of baby deaths reports.

New MRI safe internal defibrillator wins first approval in America

17th September 2015

Device has changes to software and hardware to make it compatible with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).