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More families with cardiomyopathy to benefit from special IVF treatment?

2nd May 2016

HFEA considers another new licence to help families with cardiomyopathy 

Companies get behind Cardiomyopathy UK

29th April 2016

Three different companies have pledged their support for Cardiomyopathy UK for 2016.

Heart checks on young athletes don't save lives

25th April 2016

says new study published in the British Medical Journal.

Are drug-resistant infections affecting more heart device leads?

20th April 2016

One study from America suggests it may be a growing problem.

More studies needed to find better anaemia treatments

18th April 2016

for children with heart failure, say researchers.

Trials of new device for treating heart failure show no improvement in survival

14th April 2016

but some improvement in exercise capacity, symptoms and quality of life seen.

New NICE standard of care for people with chronic heart failure

11th April 2016

More monitoring of medication changes and wider access to cardiac rehabilitation in new standard.

New issue of My Life out now

8th April 2016

Issue focusses on research and some supporters who are taking part.