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Another £250m pledged for national genetic research project

8th March 2016

The money is for the 1000,000 Genomes Project which is looking at the genetics of inherited diseases and cancer.

Not all heart failure patients get on with home monitoring of their condition

4th March 2016

A different approach is needed for some, says study.

Paramedics need regular experience of treating cardiac arrest patients

2nd March 2016

More important than years of experience as paramedic, says new study.

Non-athletes just as susceptible to sudden death, says new research

29th February 2016

Study questions the ethics of heart checks that focus on athletes

Many constraints limit use of modern technology in healthcare

23rd February 2016

says European Society of Cardiology in new position statement on e-health

More comprehensive gene testing now available

22nd February 2016

Test can look at 174 genes thought to be responsible for many inherited heart diseases.

Researchers discover how to measure heartbeats remotely

19th February 2016

Heart rates could be measured casually as people go about their daily activities.

Should more people with heart failure be on digoxin?

18th February 2016

Researchers say drop in drug's use may be appropriate - or depriving patients of an important medication.

Researchers find inhibitor that helps prevent hypertrophic cardiomyopathy in mice

16th February 2016

But a treatment for humans may be a long way off.

Do women do better in single-sex cardiac rehabilitation?

15th February 2016

Researchers say more research needs to be done to ensure more women use these programmes