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People with restrictive cardiomyopathy can benefit from heart pumps

31st July 2015

says study from leading heart centre in America.

Nick takes on 100 mile cycle challenge in memory of childhood friend

29th July 2015

He is one of our team of 12 in Ride London 100.

Woman takes her fight for critical illness payment to High Court

28th July 2015

Court expressed sympathy but said it could not compel insurer to deviate from the obstinate stance.

Researchers find better way of assessing stroke risk

28th July 2015

in people with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.

Heart rhythm changes key in diagnosing takotsubo cardiomyopathy

27th July 2015

say researchers in New Zealand.

S-ICDs need replacing after five years, says study

24th July 2015

But new second-generation devices may last 40 per cent longer.

New Living with Cardiomyopathy booklet launched

23rd July 2015

A practical guide to help people live with cardiomyopathy and get on with their lives.

More research needed into pregnancy-related cardiomyopathy

20th July 2015

Evidence guiding doctors is scarce and of poor quality, say heart experts.

People with heart failure invited to give their views to doctors

16th July 2015

Doctors and nurses are inspired to improve care by listening to patients, says RSM.