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Researchers find protein to help in heart muscle cell regeneration

12th May 2015

The team have been looking at how newborn mice regenerate their damaged hearts to see if the process can help in humans.

New ICD performs well in international study

11th May 2015

S-ICD performs similarly to traditional ICDs.

Online cardiomyopathy information can reduce patient anxiety, says study

7th May 2015

Online cardiomyopathy information can reduce anxiety in patients and may have therapeutic value, says study published in American Heart Journal.

More than a bob for charities

7th May 2015

Christine has had her long hair cut off to benefit Cardiomyopathy UK and a children's cancer charity

App to help people living with cardiomyopathy

5th May 2015

An app to help people living with cardiomyopathy is available from Cardiomyopathy UK.

Tell your care team about our medical conferences

28th April 2015

Help us improve cardiomyopathy care by telling the medical profession about our conferences

Give your views on the term "heart failure" to research project

27th April 2015

Patients diagnosed with heart failure are being asked what they think of the term and what might be a better alternative.

New leadless pacemaker gets European backing

20th April 2015

Another leadless pacemaker put into the heart via a vein in the leg has gained CE Mark approval in Europe for safety and efficacy.

Daniela's London Marathon run in support of son Danny

20th April 2015

Daniela Kelly and another 44 runners will be representing Cardiomyopathy UK in the London Marathon on Sunday.

New My Life magazine is out now

16th April 2015

Our new redesigned magazine My Life is available. Order your copy now.