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New leadless pacemaker gets European backing

20th April 2015

Another leadless pacemaker put into the heart via a vein in the leg has gained CE Mark approval in Europe for safety and efficacy.

Daniela's London Marathon run in support of son Danny

20th April 2015

Daniela Kelly and another 44 runners will be representing Cardiomyopathy UK in the London Marathon on Sunday.

New My Life magazine is out now

16th April 2015

Our new redesigned magazine My Life is available. Order your copy now.

Man with new permanent artificial heart says he is living a normal life

16th April 2015

The second person to receive a French-made permanent artificial heart has told a weekly newspaper he is enjoying exercise, including cycling.

More research needed into supplement that may help heart failure

16th April 2015

Heart specialists have called from more research into the use of coenzyme Q10 as a treatment for heart failure.

Medical conference on cardiomyopathy and pregnancy

13th April 2015

A medical conference about cardiomyopathy in pregnancy is being held by Cardiomyopathy UK in London in June.

New support group for Dorset

9th April 2015

A new cardiomyopathy support group is being set up in Dorset

Antidepressant may help in treating heart failure

9th April 2015

In a study, the antidepressant paroxetine improved cardiac function in mice

App for people with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy begins trials

9th April 2015

Hospital trials new app to help people with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy get improved individualised treatment

Energy drinks can cause dangerous heart rhythms, say researchers

9th April 2015

Researchers say energy drinks can aggravate underlying heart issues in young people