2016 Cardiomyopathy UK national conference

25th May 2016

Knowing more, living better

We're delighted to announce details of our first ever cardiomyopathy national conference; taking place on 12 November at the Royal National Hotel in London. Booking will open in June and places will be available for £20 per person.*

The national conference will be our biggest event to date and will combine medical information about the condition with supporting and empowering sessions around living well, and focusing on emotional well being and developing coping strategies.

As well as expert speakers there will be presentations, talks and discussions from people with cardiomyopathy who will be sharing their personal stories and experiences of living with cardiomyopathy.

There will be a large variety of events on the day, including several talks at the same time. This means you can choose what talks you go to and there should be something for everyone. This also allows us to present sessions on more types of cardiomyopathy - dilated, hypertrophic, arrhythmogenic right ventricular, peripartum, restrictive and left ventricular noncompaction.

More details about the agenda will be released over the coming months. We will be sending an email in mid-June announcing that booking is open. If you are not on our mailing list you can sign up here - Cardiomyopathy UK email sign up 

*We are asking people to pay £20 which is a contribution towards the cost of lunch and refreshments throughout the day. However, we do not want the £20 to be a barrier to people being able to attend the conference. If this is likely to mean you are unable to attend, please contact us.