Ideas and inspiration for your Pancake Party

A recipe for success to beat cardiomyopathy

A Great Pancake Party is an easy and fun way for you to get together with friends and family and help us save lives. We've put together some suggestions to help you raise funds, whether your party is at home, work or school. If you've got any brilliant ideas please share them with us too!

Ideas and inspiration

  • Have some Cardiomyopathy UK information materials visible, so your partygoers understand why you're fundraising and where the money will go
  • Display your 'pancake pot' for donations prominently
  • Set up a JustGiving page and send the link with your invite, so anyone not able to make it can still make a donation
  • Set up a JustTextGiving code from your fundraising page, and put your code on your donation pot - just in case anyone has forgotten their cash!
  • Have a pancake flipping competition
  • Ask friends to bring their own pancakes and have a guess the flavour competition
  • Pancakes aren't just for Tuesdays! Have a weekend pancake brunch party, or try savoury pancakes accompanied by wine for a grown up theme. The sky's the limit!
  • Ask friends to bring a selection of toppings and have a toppings bar
  • Have a pancake race - flipping as you run!
  • Test people's knowledge with a pancake quiz
  • If you're party is at work ask colleagues to help by putting up posters and advertising on the work intranet
  • Have a pancake decorating competition. Make it more difficult by doing it blindfold!
  • Have a treasure hunt, leading to the final prize of some delicious pancakes
  • If your party is at school have a bucket collection on the school gates
  • Strut your stuff with a pancake cooking competion - who's the next budding masterchef?
  • Have a raffle during your party - ask friends and family to donate prizes
  • Lay out a heart of spare coins and donate them afterwards. See who can make the biggest heart!