Ideas for your 30 Day Home Challenge

With a 30 Day Home Challenge, there are many possible ways you can do it, depending on your interests. Here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing...

Health & Wellness*

- Do 30 minutes of exercise every day 

- Do 30 minutes of meditation / mindfulness every day

- Go vegetarian for 30 days

- No caffeine for 30 days

- No alcohol for 30 days


- Do 30 minutes of creative writing a day

- Write a poem every day for 30 days

- Paint a picture every day for 30 days

- Cook or bake something different every day for 30 days 


 - Learn a new language for 30 minutes a day (the Duolingo app is great for this!)

- Set aside 30 minutes each evening before bed to read a book

- Do a crossword / Sudoku puzzle every day for 30 days

- Play a game or do a puzzle with your family everyday for 30 days

Fundraising tips

- Set up your online fundraising page (Just Giving, Crowdfunder, Facebook Donate) and share your pages with your friends and family

- Take photos of yourself doing your challenge and keep your social media and fundraising page updated with what you're up to each day - don't forget to use #fundraisefromhome 

- Ask for a larger sponsorship amount for the last few days of your challenge - these are usually the toughest few days and surely worthy of even more support!


(*Always consult your GP/specialist if you have a pre-existing medical condition that may be affected by a change in diet and/or physical activity)