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Cardiomyopathy UK - Supporting you every step of the way for over 30 years!

At Cardiomyopathy UK, we know that with clear information, expert knowledge and real understanding - we can save and change lives and stop the misery caused by cardiomyopathy.

That's why our 30 Day Home Challenge event is raising money for our front-line support services. Our website information and helpline support work together to ensure that more people than ever before have the information, support and treatment they need to get on top of their condition. 

Susan's story

Having lived with the condition for 40 years, I thought I had it pretty much covered. But when things started affecting my daily life more, I struggled to cope.

Having never met another person with the disease I always thought: why me?

Then a chance meeting with some of the Cardiomyopathy UK team at the Great North Run changed all that.

I never dreamt I’d meet others affected by cardiomyopathy, let alone make so many wonderful and inspiring new friends.

Now I volunteer as a Support Group leader, attend the Cardiomyopathy UK information days, and have joined the thousands of others on their social media pages. However I connect with Cardiomyopathy UK, I always pick up a wealth of information and support options that I never had before.

Whenever I have issues with my health, employment or benefits, instead of worrying I pick up the phone and call Cardiomyopathy UK, where there is always someone professionally trained to help and guide me.

With your support we can be there for more people like Susan, and make sure that everyone affected by cardiomyopathy gets the best care and advice possible. 

Take on a 30 Day Home Challenge in 2020 and together we can make a big difference to the lives of families affected by heart muscle disease across the UK.

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