I have cardiomyopathy ID card

Some people with cardiomyopathy like to carry a card that explains about their condition.

Our 'I have cardiomyopathy' ID card has room for your contact details, details of your condition and treatment, and for your emergency contact. It can be used to explain your condition to medical services, as well as other people who may not understand the condition and its impact.

Notes for filling in the card

  • Only fill in the details you want to and are happy to carry around (not everyone will want to complete every section).
  • If you have a device (such as an ICD or pacemaker) this card does not replace your device identification card, and it is important to still carry your device identification card. Our card is not an 'official' device card and officials, such as emergency services and airport security, will still need to see your device identification card.
  • If you have any additional information that you think would be helpful, such as test results, you may want to carry these as well.
  • The card is designed to fold down and fit in your wallet, purse or pocket. Be aware that emergency services may not look in your bag or wallet for identification.

You can order a printed copy of the card from the online order form, or download and print a copy.

Order online

If you prefer, you can download a copy to print at home.

Download an ID card

You can print in black and white or in colour. Print the card double-sided, flip on the long edge, and cut out the card.

For a larger size, select the 'fit to page' option on your printer.