Providing support and information

Our support and information services aim to

  • Help people to feel more informed about cardiomyopathy and their treatment options
  • Help people to feel able to influence their treatment and be in control
  • Help people to feel better able to cope with their condition day to day

We provide - 

Helpline: by phone, email or online, our team of nurses help thousands of people each year by dealing with their questions or concerns about cardiomyopathy in a calm, knowledgeable and empathetic way. Our helpline team can also put you in touch with individuals who have experience of living with cardiomyopathy. More about our helpline

Support Groups: Our network of local support groups provide the opportunity for people affected by cardiomyopathy to meet others like them to share experiences and provide mutual support. Groups also provide an opportunity to hear from local clinicians and understand more about treatment options in your area. More about groups

Website: Our website has lots of information about cardiomyopathy, including how it is diagnosed, the various symptoms and what treatments are available. There is plenty of practical advice on general health and the effect of cardiomyopathy on everyday activities.

Online community: Our closed Facebook group and website community forum provide another vital source of mutual support and encouragement 24 hours a day. 

Information resources & booklets: We produce free booklets on the main types of cardiomyopathy and living with the condition, including special guides for children and young people. They can be downloaded online or printed copies ordered. They are also available at hospitals and clinics.

Information days: We hold special one-day events around the UK, featuring leading medical experts who explain the different types of the condition and offer down-to-earth information and advice for people living with cardiomyopathy and their families. More about information days

National conference: 2016 saw our first ever national conference bringing together over 300 individuals for an educational and inspirational day of learning and sharing. 

News and features: Our regular magazine and e-newsletter have the latest treatments for cardiomyopathy, local and national events, activities to support families, and campaigns to improve services.