Our research work aims to

  • Increase our understanding of the impact of cardiomyopathy and shape our work
  • Ensure that the views of people with cardiomyopathy are considered in clinical research
  • Increase the amount of cardiomyopathy specific translational research 

We do this by

Social research: We undertake social research into specific aspects of the cardiomyopathy experience such as the emotional impact the disorder can have or the struggle to obtain an initial diagnosis. The findings from this research shape the services that we provide as well as our campaigning work. We are able to do this thanks in a large part to the fantastic response we receive from our members and service users when we send out surveys or invitations to share experience.

Bringing experts together: Our Clinical Advisory Group provides insight into the latest developments in cardiomyopathy and provides networking opportunities for clinicians keen to work with others on new research projects.