How your money helps

Your money helps to fund vital services and research into myocarditis.

£20,000 per year pays for services and support for people affected by myocarditis, including helpline access, information resources, online and peer support and patient evenings with clinicians.

Up to £80,000 a year pays for vital research into the causes and treatment of myocarditis. Currently the fund is supporting research work at the Royal Brompton Hospital to improve early diagnosis, improve treatment and identify causes of the condition.

We are currently reviewing our research programmes for 2019 onwards.

We have ambitious goals for the fund to help those affected by myocarditis, which with your support we can achieve.

Some of these goals include:

  1. Developing ways of diagnosing the condition early on
  2. Identifying better who is at high-risk and who is likely to make a rapid recovery
  3. Looking at the gene pathways that may predispose people to this condition
  4. Helping contribute to better and earlier treatments