Jason's Story

Jason Mills, a healthy, active man was diagnosed with myocarditis in 2012 at 42.

In the lead up to his diagnosis he had been on a once in a lifetime work trip to Buenos Aires after winning employee of the year. While in the Amazon he began to feel fluey but ploughed on with paracetamol and ibuprofen.

During the flight home he experienced mild chest pain for around twenty minutes, but on the right-hand side of his chest. As it wasn’t the left side, Jason didn’t suspect that there was a potential issue with his heart and put it down to feeling ‘fluey’. A day later, in the middle of the night, Jason woke with mild chest pains which progressed to a severe crushing pain, again on the right-hand side of his chest. The following morning, he went to hospital where he underwent tests. The pain had dissipated by this point and Jason recalls feeling ‘fit as a fiddle’. He was transferred to Birmingham hospital where he was later diagnosed with acute viral myocarditis – a condition anyone can suffer with.

The diagnosis came as a complete shock to Jason who looked after his health, he didn’t smoke, drank moderately and cycled regularly. Although he does recall his father, an ex-Royal Marine and Fireman who had a heart attack when he was just 39 years old. Like Jason, he made a full recovery afterwards.

Following Jason’s discharge from hospital he took beta blockers for six-months and returned to life almost as it was before. Jason has found the emotional side of the recovery process hard. For the first few months he found he’d lost his confidence driving and going anywhere on his own.

“I found the emotional side of the recovery process hard. For the first few months I lost confidence, even driving a short distance or going anywhere on my own I would regularly update my family on my whereabouts", Jason says.

Fortunately, Jason has made a full recovery, and is back to regular exercise, often cycling over 100 miles, and has recently climbed Mount Snowdon.