Matt's Story

In 2017, in his last year of school, Matt was diagnosed with myocarditis – an infection that attacks the wall around the heart muscle.

Matt had been feeling unwell with cold-like symptoms for over a week and had visited his GP in the months prior with mild chest pains, however, as a fit and healthy young man no connection to a heart condition was made.

On the day of his episode, Matt had been playing rugby. Later that evening he began to feel unwell again and went to bed early. He was woken in the night with crushing chest pains and his arm was numb. 

He was diagnosed with myocarditis following a week of tests in hospital. At the time Matt was a fit and healthy young man who regularly played rugby, so his diagnosis came as a massive shock to both him and his family. His recovery took two years, with numerous follow up visits to hospital.­­­

Fortunately, Matt has recovered to full fitness. Although he is conscious not to put any undue strain on his heart, he exercises regularly and is doing weightlifting competitions. He is also now in his second year of medical school at Keele University.