Robin's Story

At the end of 2016, at 43, Robin began to feel unwell with what he thought was a cold.

By January, it felt much more like the flu. He visited his local GP and was diagnosed with a cold – not uncommon for the time of year – no medication was prescribed. However, Robin visited his doctor for the second time a month later because his flu-like symptoms persisted, he was unable to lie flat when sleeping and was also experiencing pains in his chest. He was told to see his own doctor, whom he had an appointment with the following week.

Before he had chance to see his GP, Robin was forced to phone the NHS helpline as he was having severe difficulty breathing. Robin was seriously unwell and was put into an induced coma for two weeks. He stayed in hospital for three weeks in total and was diagnosed with viral myocarditis, caused by the flu.

Robin’s diagnosis came as a complete shock – like so many people, he had never heard of myocarditis. At the time he considered himself to be physically fit and active, working as a rigger. Two years into his recovery, Robin is happy to be alive, and taking each day as it comes. He does, however, continue to experience fatigue and breathlessness, and has so far been unable to return to work. He has been back to his GP on numerous occasions and has been seeing a phycologist for the past year to support with the emotional side of his recovery.