Sam H's Story

“I woke up in the middle of the night with a pain that felt like someone was punching me in the chest.”

In 2012, during his second year of university Sam spent a number of weeks feeling run down, tired and generally unwell. Early one morning at around 2am he woke up feeling as if someone was punching him in the chest. He called an ambulance almost immediately as the pain in the left side of his chest was severe. He recalls the concerned look on the medic’s face in the ambulance. He was taken to the John Ratcliffe hospital for monitoring and tests although he has little memory of that time.

His stay in hospital lasted only a few days and he was discharged. However, the pain came back a few days later. Following an ECG, doctors thought Sam had likely suffered a heart attack, but he was later diagnosed with myocarditis, an infection that attacks the wall around the heart muscle. After his second hospital stay Sam was fortunate to recover after a few weeks with no long-term damage to his heart.

In March 2019 he completed the London Marathon in just over five hours to raise money for the Alexander Jansons Fund, part of Cardiomyopathy UK.