Sam N's Story

In 2016, while at work, Sam Nicol noticed he had an unusual lack of energy, he felt lethargic and extremely tired.

That evening, at a boxing class he attended regularly, Sam recalls feeling completely drained and unable to complete the drills as he usually would. After the class he began experiencing mild chest pains, however, he’d had indigestion as a child so put the pains down to that.

Later that night he woke with crushing pains in his chest and began vomiting because the pain was so severe. His father drove him to hospital where he was soon diagnosed with myocarditis, the same condition his brother Louis was diagnosed with three years earlier.

Following this episode, which resulted in a five-day stay in hospital, Sam, like his brother has never experienced the same symptoms or pains again. Doctors do not think that their condition is hereditary. Sam is now back to full fitness and even ran the London Marathon in April 2019.