Tell us about your experiences for our 2018 campaign

We'd like to hear about your experiences to inform our new 2018 campaign.

You may remember that last year we ran our #MyHeartStory campaign to promote the need for people to find out more about their heart history, and if there was a history of heart disease within their family. The campaign was a success with thousands of people learning about #MyHeartStory through various media online, in print and broadcast.

Part of the campaign focussed on our information gathering survey which we targeted at our supporters and service users asking them about their experiences of being diagnosed with cardiomyopathy, their journey through treatment and acceptance of life with the heart muscle disease. 

Cardiomyopathy UK is now looking towards this year’s campaign where we will be looking at and challenging some of the more common myths and misconceptions surrounding cardiomyopathy. We are confident that our voice will be even louder and further reaching this year.

Please share your experiences with us through our online survey: complete the survey

If you are aged 25 or under, please complete the young people's survey