Living with cardiomyopathy

We understand how cardiomyopathy can impact on many aspects of life, including relationships, jobs and social life, and we're here to help.


When you are first diagnosed with cardiomyopathy, you may feel overwhelmed by worry and uncertainty. You're not alone, and this isn't unusual.

However, there are good treatments for the condition. Ongoing medical care together with positive lifestyle changes can help people affected by cardiomyopathy to manage the disease and lead long and fulfilling lives. Our charity is dedicated to providing expert advice and support for anyone affected by cardiomyopathy.

Physical health

Information about your physical health living with cardiomyopathy, including exercise, diet and sleep.

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Day to day living

Information about practical day to day living issues, including travel, work, driving and finances.

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Family and relationships

Information about relationships with family and friends, and support available for both you and your support network.

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