Emotional health

The initial diagnosis of cardiomyopathy can have a profound psychological impact, reaching beyond the individual themselves to those around them.

The impact can also last longer than the point of diagnosis, and can have an ongoing impact on an individual's life.

The following information looks at the impact of cardiomyopathy on an individual, and those who care for them, and includes strategies for dealing with some of these issues.

An introduction to emotional wellbeing and mental health

The impact of cardiomyopathy on emotional wellbeing and mental health.

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Focusing on the important things

Read our article by consultant clinical psychologist Graeme Gillespie.

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Five steps to emotional well-being

Read about positive steps to help emotional well-being.

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Coping with worry

Read about what worry is and how to cope with it.

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What worry lies beneath

Read about strategies to cope with worry.

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Helpful resources

Find out about books and websites that might help.

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Personal experiences of cardiomyopathy care

Read the report 'Cardiomyopathy Patients’ Experiences of Cardiac Care Services'.

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