Living through grief - a book review

Book review: 'Living through grief' by Harold Bauman
Publisher: Lion Books

This is a very short and accessible book written from a Christian perspective goes through six stages of grief, from shock, numbness through to learning to live again. 

Grief is applied to a wide range of life’s circumstances such as loss of health, a job, relationship breakdown as well as death of a loved one.  As well as explaining each of the different stages of grieving process, the book also offers helpful practical advice on how to help others experiencing grief and loss.  Bauman explains the different emotional and physical reactions at different stages of the grieving process which I found hugely reassuring when I first read the book after my losing my Nan.  It was good to know that what I was experiencing was normal and I was not the only one.  The author draws on a range of examples from others lives to illustrate the main points.  The book also contains a short chapter on what to tell children and how to help them through the grieving process. 

Jo Franks, Support Group Manager, Cardiomyopathy UK, 2017