Fundraise with friends

Getting your friends involved is not only great fun, but the more people who are involved in helping you fundraise, the easier it is! You can turn your favourite activities together into a fundraiser, or try out something a bit different for a donation to us.

Some suggestions to get you started...

  • Organise a dinner party
  • Have a move night
  • Golf tournament
  • Afternoon tea - ask for a donation per cuppa!
  • Music gig
  • Clothes swapping 'swooshing' party


How we can help

Cardiomyopathy UK can help provide you with all the fundraising materials you need, including posters to publicise your event, balloons, banners, stickers and even a t-shirt or two. Once you've decided what you would like to to please just complete our fundraiser form and we'll do the rest.