Fundraising in your community

There are lots of ways you can get involved and support our work by fundraising in your local community. From organising your own fundraising event to nominating us as the beneficiary charity for your local supermarket fundraising, we've got some ideas and suggestions below to help get you started. If you need any more help and advice please contact our fundraising team.

Fundraising at your local supermarket

Supermarkets are often a great source of fundraising - whether it's asking for prizes for an upcoming raffle, or nominating us as their beneficiary charity.


Waitrose offers their Community Matters, a charitable donation scheme where their customers can decide who gets the donations. All you need to do is pick up a nomination form in store, fill it in and return to the store. Make sure to use key information from our website about who we are, who we help and what we do, and emphasise that we rely on fundraising to keep our services going. Our charity number 1164263 should always be included too.  The focus is on local charities, so if you know of any support groups or activities that we run locally, or an information day that's been in your area be sure to mention that.

Three causes are chosen each month, and with a token system the public gets to decide what proportion of either £1,000 (bigger stores) or £500 (smaller stores) gets divided between the three causes. That's it! Please let us know if we're lucky enough to be one of the chosen causes, so we can expect to hear from Waitrose, and if the store needs any information please ask them to contact the fundraising team on 01494 791224 or at