Get Your Game On

Get sponsored for doing something you love this lockdown with our BRAND NEW gaming fundraiser. 

The fundraiser is split into three sections:

1. Host your own Twitch livestream. 

You could choose to do this for 12-hours, 24-hours or any duration you would like. Set up a donation page and get sponsored for your event. You could do this solo or virtually with friends.


2. Take part in one of our tournaments.

So far, we have a Fortnite tournament planned for February 27th and this is £10 to take part in. We only have 64 places available, so act fast if you would like a place. 

Sign up here

We will be hosting more tournaments soon, for different games, so keep your eyes peeled!


3. Host your own tournament.

This can be using any game you like and on any device - the freedom is endless. Simply choose your favourite game, pick a date and time, and set up the games. 

We recommend using Just Giving to collect your sponsorship money (however you can use whichever platform you like).

Just Giving's gaming fundraiser top tips


How we can help

Need help getting people to sign up? Contact 

Cardiomyopathy UK can help provide you with all the fundraising materials you need, including posters to publicise your event, balloons, banners, stickers and even a t-shirt or two. Once you've decided what you would like to to please just complete our fundraiser form and we'll do the rest.