Special occasion celebrations

Whether you're celebrating 50 years of marriage, are just about to graduate, or simply want to mark a special occasion, we would welcome your support. Why not ask for donations to Cardiomyopathy UK instead of gifts, and help us save lives. There are several ways that you can fundraise at your special occasion.

Setting up a fundraising page

You can visit either JustGiving or VirginMoneyGiving and set up a page in a few minutes. You can include information about your celebration, photos, videos, a thank you message and links to social networks such as Facebook. You can share the link across your networks, and by using an online site you don't have to worry about cash or cheques, and the Gift Aid is automatically taken care of too. Don't forget to include the link in your invitation, and a reminder close to the day is always helpful.  Afterwards you can thank everyone with an update about how much has been raised and how their support has helped.

Shopping online

Don't forget to encourage your friends and family to buy your gifts through Give as you Live, as with each purchase we receive a small donation from the retailers. It's totally free to use, and they don't pay a penny extra! To learn more visit our armchair fundraising page.

Gift envelopes

We can provide you with free gift envelopes to give to your guests, which enable us to claim back the tax on their donations, meaning that every £1 donated is worth £1.25, at no extra cost to the donor. Please note that cash should not be sent to us in the gift envelopes, as it is sadly unlikely to reach us.

Cash donations

If you are collecting cash on the day the best thing is to have someone help you count it at the end of the day, and secure it safely. You can then either send a cheque to us or make a payment through our donation page. If you have set up an online fundraising page you can also pay the money in there.

If you are interested in supporting us at a special celebration please contact the fundraising team.