Spring fundraising ideas

The nights are getting lighter and the first daffodils are blooming. Spring is here! This time of year is perfect to kick start some fundraising, so read on for some ideas and inspiration.

1. Easter egg hunt

A classic spring time fundraiser, if your garden is big enough invite everyone round for the hunt in return for a donation. Alternatively you could speak to local parks and gardens and see if they would support our work and allow it on their property - but do ask first!

2. April Fool's Day fundraiser

Skip the pranks and jokes this year and organise a comedy night instead, with local acts and speakers, in return for a donation to attend the event.

3. Spring clean sale

Put your spring cleaning to good use by selling off your unwanted items for Cardiomyopathy UK. You could have a car boot sale, or sell of the items through ebay, who waive their fees if you're donating your proceeds to charity.

4. Floral fundraisers

Buying some flowers for Mother's Day or Easter? If you purchase them through Give As You Live you'll raise funds for us at the same time - at no extra cost to you. Easy!

5. Plant sales

If you're green fingered why not put your talents to good use by selling cuttings or seedlings? This is a great fundraiser for springtime.

6. Tea dance

This is the perfect time for a tea dance, or a spring fling. Ask for donations in exchange for tickets, and choose a theme for a night of old-fashioned fun.