Conferences for healthcare professionals

At Cardiomyopathy UK we support a variety of healthcare professionals in their role, and in their continued professional development.

Our work with healthcare professionals aims to

  • ensure that they are better able to identify cardiomyopathy;
  • improve their ability to treat a person with cardiomyopathy;
  • ensure that they are more informed about the emotional impact of cardiomyopathy; and
  • help to increase cardiomyopathy expertise and encourage a new generation of experts.

Latest events:

Oxford Study Day - 10.09.20 - now postponed - details TBC


A key part of our commitment to supporting healthcare professionals is to provide educational opportunities. This includes a national clinical conference that is widely recognised as a leading forum for cardiomyopathy education.

Our conferences bring together clinical and research experts in the field of cardiomyopathy, and deliver interactive presentations to demonstrate good practice, share expertise and advance our knowledge of cardiomyopathy and it's management options.

Our conferences also attract continuous professional development credits.