My Life

Our My Life magazine, produced quarterly, features articles about developments in care, latest research, patient stories and our charity news.

Download a digital version of the latest issue of our My Life magazine:

April 2021: Resilience

  • Our Services for Children
  • #BeatingForTwo campaign
  • Our Resilience
  • Preparing for your Virtual Appointment
  • Land's End to John O'Groats, John Newman 

January 2021: Families 

  • Our international family 
  • Alison's time as Chair of Trustees and welcoming of our new Chair Rita Sutton
  • Our #12daysofxmaschallenge
  • 2021 Events Calendar (things to hopefully look forward to!)

October 2020: A Bright Future Together

  • Denise's story 
  • Our plans for the future
  • Upcoming Christmas events
  • In conversation with Professor Perry Elliott 

August 2020: Togetherness

  • Life after Lockdown
  • Beta Blockers and Cardiomyopathy
  • September Stroll
  • Change the World of Cardiomyopathy Urgent Appeal

April 2020: Impact

  • Our impact in 2019
  • Peripartum cardiomyopathy 
  • Post-Brexit advice
  • Readers' questions

January 2020: Support

  • Inside the support group
  • Takotsubo cardiomyopathy
  • Emotional well-being

October 2019: Community

Our latest issue focuses on community and cardiomyopathy, including:

  • Tributes to Peter McBride
  • #teamcardio highlights
  • Our Winter campaign

July 2019: Research

Our July issue focuses on research and cardiomyopathy, including:

  • How research into cardiomyopathy has evolved
  • The results of our 2019 Service Users Survey
  • The Heart Hive research project

May 2019: Our 30th Anniversary

Our May issue focuses on celebrating our 30th anniversary and cardiomyopathy, including:

  • Carolyn Biro's legacy
  • A timeline of the charity
  • Our impact in 2018

Download a digital version of the latest issue of our My Life magazine

January 2019: The New Year

Our January issue focuses on the New Year and cardiomyopathy, including:

  • 2018/2019 highlights
  • TRED study into DCM medication
  • Do you qualify for a Blue Badge in 2019?

October 2018: Support

Our October issue focuses on support and cardiomyopathy, including:

  • Support through our services 
  • Dealing with loss and grief of a loved one
  • Latest advancements and research on dilated cardiomyopathy

July 2018: Devices

Our latest issue focuses on devices and cardiomyopathy, including:

  • Implantable cardioverter defibrillators - key facts and information
  • Our upcoming national campaign
  • An overview of peripartum cardiomyopathy

My Life magazine July 2018 issues

April 2018 : Living with cardiomyopathy 

This issue focuses on living with cardiomyopathy including:

  • Exercise and fitness
  • Q&A section from clinical psychologist Graeme Gillespie
  • Our new fundraising initiative Tea and Heart-shaped biscuits

April My Life

January 2018 : New Year, new start

This issue focusses on new opportunities for the New Year, as well as;

  • Cardiomyopathy UK joins forces with Myocarditis charity
  • New in-clinic volunteer services launched in hospitals
  • Nominate us as your employer’s Charity of the Year in 2018


Winter 2017: Hollistic support


  • Emotional support
  • Our new campaign 'MyHeartStory'
  • My life readership survey results

Autumn 2017: Rarer cardiomyopathies


  • Coping with worry
  • Preventing and managing heart device infections
  • Clinical psychologist Graeme Gillespie talks about reducing worry

Summer 2017 - "I've made a good recovery and am now sharing my story with others."  Abi talks about her cardiomyopathy and raising awareness.


  • Five steps to emotional well-being
  • Helping your affected child move to adult heart care services
  • #teamcardio's highlights

January 2017 - "My diagnosis made me lose confidence.  But walking, tai chi and cardiac rehab have restored by self-worth." Suzanne talks about coping with the emotional impact of having cardiomyopathy.


  • Focussing on the important things in life can help people with long-term conditions
  • Resuming sex after a diagnosis of cardiomyopathy
  • #teamcardio's highlights

October 2016 - "Our son Elliott lived on a heart pump for a year. Now he's cheeky like other toddlers." Dad Adrian talks about enjoying parenthood at last.


  • Coping with diagnosis of cardiomyopathy in a child
  • How our information days help families
  • #teamcardio's highlights

July 2016 - '‘Working round my heart transplant gave me more to focus on" - Karen talks about how cardiomyopathy has affected her life.

April 2016 - '‘Helping with research made me more positive and gave me back some control" - David talks about his involvement with stem cell research for cardiomyopathy.

January 2016 - '‘I got so much help from a support volunteer that I later became one too’' - Nancy tells her cardiomyopathy story

November 2015 - '‘I couldn’t walk to my front gate but now I’ve competed in the British Transplant Games’' - Jon's story

September 2015 - 'Diagnosed as a baby' - Jenny's story

July 2015 - Alison's story & patient portals for better care

April 2015 - "We won't let cardiomyopathy beat us"